May 28, 2004


Primo: numero uno.

This evening I watched 'Pane e Tulipani' , an Italian film. There was an ad for it as part of a festival on Radio One in maybe 2001 or so, and it was voiced by a woman with a strong accent - it's on a tape I have of a show I did, so I heard it over and over again. And now finally I see it!

It was a great film. Even before I saw it I knew it was one of those 'self-discovery' type films, but really well done - lots of unexpected detail.

Afterwards I had to go to a friends to drop something off. It was cold and rainy outside, I figured I'd just be there and back, as I knew she wasn't going to be there. Upon arriving, I found a group of half a dozen strangers in the lounge (I don't visit very often). I said hi, and they invited me to join them for a beer.

It became one of those situations that I feel like used to happen all the time when I was at high school, and I'd go to parties where everyone was friendly and curious, and instant friendships would spring up. I guess I still get it nowadays at parties; but it's so much rarer.

On the walk I listened to (what I affectionately call) my 'flying nun +' md. It features

- the Topless Women Talk About Their Lives soundtrack
- the Scarfies soundtrack
- Age Pryor - City Chorus
- JPS Experience - Bleeding Star
- the Phoenix Foundation - Horsepower
- Volume - a Wellington compilation

The JPSE songs were the best this evening.

I'm so glad that it's Friday. Can't relax too much this weekend though: got to write up my interview with the Accelerants, deadline is next Tuesday.

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