June 01, 2004

It's Tuesday already?

Where did time go?

I've been laid up in bed with a nasty flu the last few days, and time is warping on me. Spent about five minutes trying to figure out what day it is, before I realised that the date was set wrong on my cellphone. Two days off work... I better go in tomorrow, pretty sure I don't get sick pay yet since I've only been there two and a half months.

Besides coming down with this flu on Sunday, the weekend was pretty cool. I spent Saturday sifting Cuba St, bought the new Staple magazine. I was surprised to see my brother's band Hawaiian Death Club mentioned in a story on www.nzmusic.com.

On Saturday night I went to the Law Revue. It was at Memorial Theatre at Victoria University. The humour of it was not really my scene - it being largely aimed at a) lawyers who b) work for big corporates. Particular moment of discomfort: "I Let a Law Clerk Go Down on Me" to the tune of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me". Eee... That said, it was an impressive production and it was great to see people I know (especially my friend Jane) doing their thing on stage. Highlight was the pisstake on 'I'm an Asshole' rendered by an apoplectic and potty-mouthed judge ('I'm an Activist').

Caught a bit of TV2's National Anthem, good to see. Then I went to Bodega for 'Trashed' - 13 acts on two stages. I got there just in time to see the Accelerants, who were great. As were Mr Slackjaw (the infamous Andrew Tolley) and Voodoo Savage and His Savages.



Blogger Jessie said...

// it was great to see people I know (especially my friend Jane) doing their thing on stage

and Quang! Quang, you were hilarious.

1:35 AM  

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