December 17, 2006

Recycling... best of 2006

Doesn't life get busy in December? The weekend was great - had a Dimmer Christmas barbecue on Friday, and it was quite gourmet and rather inspiring. I went along to the final A Low Hum show after that and was dazzled by Signer, Ghostplane and particularly Phelps & Munro.

I must have been drunk judging by the ill-advised phone calls I was making the whole way home.

Saturday was the bNets. I really wanted to see Kora play afterwards and having talked them up all week, I went home fifteen minutes before they were on... Combination of lazy, no desire to queue and be sweated on, and becoming a piggy back race casualty.

BIG UPS YO to Cath and Dylan for a lovely Christmas lunch afternoon on Sunday.

Now I'm going to re-post my contribution to Peter's end of year round-up on dubdotdash:

Choosing a single top release of 2006 is a terrible, terrible task. How to discriminate between all the great local records of the year? Dimmer, Luke Buda, Over the Atlantic, Samuel Flynn Scott, Voom, Shapeshifter, the Mint Chicks, Cassette, Don McGlashan - to name a discrete selection - have all released albums that have been revelatory, revivalist, balloon-goes-pop, sharp as glass-edged punk and as rockingly introspective as I'd care to be. However, to not choose seems cowardly.

Music that has the power to evoke an emotional response is something rare and special. Although I'd been aware of this band for a good number of their eight-year history, my first purchase was earlier this year when I spotted a 7" in the bins of Real Groovy, Wellington, with such a title that I couldn't leave it behind: 'The Diffusion Of Our Inherent Situation,' by Jakob. I am quite fond of song titles that offer a bit of history (this is a factor in my enduring love for Phelps and Munro's 'Horse Winning Without Rider' and 'Ex-Sports Star Turned Commentator'), and this was entirely appropriate to my circumstances at the time. Later in the year, Jakob's third album Solace was released on Midium. I liked it well enough, but it wasn't until I saw them live recently that I grasped a bit of what this band are about. Within minutes of the set starting, I was open-mouthed and enthralled, in the grip of an emotional response that seemed to go so deep as to be unfeeling - cerebellar, perhaps. Their instrumental songs have the power to draw in, carry along, chew up and leave the listener changed. I went home and ordered the entire back catalogue. What more?!


That's all for now.

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Blogger Hannah said...

I'm just a groupie ;)

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

merry merry m'dear! just a quick note to say hello and to wish you a happy holiday... i'm off to chicago on thursday for three weeks - yippee!!! [let me know if you want anything...]

hope to seey ou soon.
x x marilyn

2:39 AM  

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