June 03, 2004

Road Trip

It's Queen's Birthday weekend. Do I care? Not really - not beyond the fact that I get an extra day off work. Hooray!

A friend who's band is performing in Australia at the moment has lent me his van (all I had to do was collect it from its park in Holloway Rd - we both live in Mt Vic - and renew the registration) so tonight I'm hitting the road and heading for Hunterville to collect my friend Libby. Tomorrow we'll drive to New Plymouth via Wanganui to have a look at the Mediarena exhibition at the Govett-Brewster gallery.

Have been spending hours of fun figuring out how this blog thing works and checking out other people's blogs, mostly using the 'kiwi blogs' link that you'll see on the right of this post. I am trying out the 'babelfish' translator (seemed like a good idea) and one or two other things.

It's really windy and rainy today and I don't want to go outside but I have to retrieve my hairdrier from my neighbour's house...


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