March 17, 2005

A Low Hum 16

The Shocking Pinks, the Inkling, Charlie Ash @ Happy

Charlie Ash are so damn hot. I've seen them play a few times now but I think they've never been hotter than they were at Happy last night. Yeowww! Considering the effort it took for me, following an extended period of lounging in front of two Angel episodes, to actually get my shit together and leave the house, I was surprised to find myself drawn to the front of the room with no conscious effort, where I shuffled somewhat awkwardly beside some more extroverted dancers and gazed admiringly at the hottness of Rosie and Mailee. Don't miss the opportunity to see this band, they are getting better and better.

The Shocking Pinks were great too. I think it was my first time seeing them live, and I really enjoyed it. The vocal style wasn't to some people's taste, but I rather liked it. Their new album, Mathematical Warfare, crept into my cd collection with a higher than usual degree of stealth, and it builds nicely on debut Dance the Dance Electric. A few more listens and it's likely to make my 2005-so-far honours list.

The Inkling rounded out the evening, playing their usual psychedelic-jazz kinda stuff, and totally ruling at it. Can't wait for their album, should be out on capitalrecordings in May or June.

And Happy was so packed!! I don't know where all those people came from, nor who most of them were, but surely that was a more-than-capacity crowd if ever I saw one. Ups, Blink. Y'all in other cities n stuff - go check this tour!
The magazine looks like a stunner too, I'd say more about it only supplies were exhausted and some desperate punter nicked mine. When you get yours, check the ad on the back page: yes!! Hot Swiss Mistress are doing the April tour, alongside Connan and the Mockasins and the Chandeliers!

Speaking of hott, here's my new secret boyfriend. He's set up residence on my desktop, replacing my Angel core-cast pic. Actually, I think we're lovahs, going by a dream I had the other night.
"So, you've got a fake hand, right?"


Blogger Tam said...

The fugliest!

11:02 AM  
Blogger The Saturnyne said...

*looks up*

Dayemm! I need a butterfly net or something... most of this post has gone waaay over my head.

"Who? Who? And who?" i find myself saying...


11:25 PM  

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