December 22, 2006


What a crazy week. I'm grateful it's the first Christmas in living memory (insert usual disclaimer) where I've done all my shopping at least a week in advance. There's been one or two things to get done at work, and a few work functions too.

Round one was at Prego on Wednesday. Solid! We started with cocktails, moved on through various shades of wine, onto shots of agovera (sp?) and dessert wine. And there was food too. A change of location brought a fresh cocktail list, and we wound up on the 'sky screamer'.

Round two was at Blowfish Sushi on Thursday. It started well with edamame, the tastiest starter in the world, and manga mojitos. And sake. The afternoon crept on. There were more mojitos and more sake. Eventually we ate. Eating out of boxes is novel. I'm bored of writing about that.. fast forward through drinks at the office, a quick round of 'the post-it game', and on to crash some record company's end of year do.

Right now I'm supposed to be packing - I'm heading down the line tomorrow. I think I'm almost done, but who can tell? I spent too long this evening watching four episodes of Wayne Anderson.


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