January 08, 2007

A new year

Until I get round to writing something, this will have to do:

I think it does pretty nicely, actually. That's the state of Lake Taupo last Thursday evening, yet I somehow managed to become seasick during our evening fishing expedition! Fortunately I maintained composure until two trout had joined us in the dinghy.

First full day back at work today. I have so much to do that it went by swiftly enough. The Big Day Out sold out, due entirely to this fabulous marketing tool, of course ;)

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Blogger Paul Capewell said...

I'm having a ball with your holiday snaps Jesse. Theres just a different colour pallette in New Zealand. Either that or its a particularly dull and grey winter here at the moment.

And it always shocks me how BDO rarely(?) sells out! Especially given that it is in a league of its own, pretty much. Anyway nice work ;)

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy said...

Dang, I just realised I haven't been to Taupo in far too long.

Anybody want to meet up for a holiday there sometime? We could rent a bach or something.

Should I really be advertising that on The Backyard? Oh well.

Hope work aint too busy bro! Im not going to be coming up for BDO, so wont see the fruits of your labours. Yikes, I better go to work.

6:10 PM  

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