July 22, 2007


Benicassim, Spain. It´s a music festival, so brain power is low, and bullet style must suffice. We finally got here on Wednesday evening, and found Jane, Lisa, Juliet and Rohan at the Camfib campsite. It was fantastic to see them all and we sat up late sharing stories.

Day one: Iggy and the Stooges, Bright Eyes. Iggy is incredible and so distorted and the stage invasion is breathtaking! Bright Eyes is great, he has a large band including string section for some songs, and they´re all dressed in white. Conor is kinda cute, but he needs a haircut. Los Planetas are interesting but I´m too busy talking, and then we are all surprised by the Brazilian Girls. Nice atmospheric jamming, all good until the breakbeat starts jarring.

Day two: spent all day recovering on beach. Very good day. Saw Wilco, lovely lovely, then rocked out to Dinosaur Jr. Saw a little of Devo and nothing else.. spent most of the evening at our meeting point (the second tree).

Dayt three: spent all day recovering on beach. Good sleep. Went into festival early ish to see Peter Bjorn and John, gratified to witness ´Young Folks´ and enjoy mass whistling session. Then we went to see CSS, but I came over a little faint and needed some air so we only caught Á La La´ from outside.. poor sound - that was a bummer. Also there was a power cut mid-set! Highlight of the evening was the Magic Numbers. They are so cute. Saw the B-52s, then traipsed over to see the Human League - really wanted to hear ´Don´t You Want Me´. It was great.

Now we´ve said goodbye to our gang and it´s just me and Ange once more. We have a stellar lineup for tonight, including Calexico, Kings of Leon, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Amy Winehouse (only those two clash, dumb), BRMC, Muse and live Unkle. We´ll see how we get on with all that lot!

Probably tomorrow we´ll head towards Valencia, and make our way up to Barcelona. Ange is heading to London at the end of the month, but I´m toying with the idea of visiting Italy and maybe, just maybe heading back to Turkey.

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Blogger ANNA said...

Wow Jess, that all sounds like such fun. Sounds like you have caught a bug though... a travelling bug. Thanks for postcard from Cappadocia. Am enjoying your travels from the comfort of my home :)

9:50 PM  
Blogger Paul Capewell said...

Awesome! Beni sounds amazing. A few of my buddies are there, having driven down from Dundee...

Keep on enjoying!

11:02 AM  
Blogger owens valley tomatohead said...

More music than I'll experience in my lifetime, that's for sure! Wow, girl!

7:32 PM  
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