June 27, 2007


Since it's hard to find time and energy to write here and send emails, I am cheating and posting my emails here.. enjoy.

June 25
A few words from Olympos, Turkey. We arrived here mid-afternoon, after five days on board the Baba Veli, a gulet cruising on the Mediterannean between Fethiye and Demre in Turkey.

Never have I experienced a time so relaxing. Sun, sea, swimming, life on board Baba Veli was really something else. It was so hard to leave that we (Ange, me and new friend Jane) ended up spending an extra night on board last night, moored at Demre. That was fine apart from some absolutely unbelievable hot, hot hot winds that blew relentlessly for about five or so hours - pushing 60 degrees, we think. Like sitting in front of a fire and it's too hot so you move away. Managed to sleep on the deck - just! Again I have many, many photos but still trying to catch up on the uploading, so I'm a few days behind. Have a look at flickr.com/photos/thebackyard/ anyway if you like.

We stay here overnight and head to inland Cappadocia tomorrow on an overnight bus. Not looking forward to tours after unstructured living of late :) Should get to Croatia by the weekend, but the pull of the Mediterannean is strong.

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