May 25, 2007

Not much at all

Here's the latest info on the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim... read and weep.

Katy has asked for an update on my shoes. As far as I know, they are sitting under Maria's desk awaiting my farewell lunch. I am a little nervous about meeting them at last! (Oh and they're yellow :)

I've noticed that as the window of my life here in Auckland slides shut, time seems to be taking on new qualities. Aside from a general acceleration, I'm finding added value and an increased awareness of the importance of each passing moment. It seems like I have an allocated 'something' for every hour of the day as my remaining evenings and weekends fill up fast.

Much as I'd love to find time to visit certain friends who live not so far away, I am resolved to milk the very life out of what time we have left and remember to be thankful that there was any time at all.



Blogger mlove said...

sigh. bright eyes. wilco. dj koze! calexico! i'm jealous. sooo jealous. have the best time ever m'dear. i'm going to miss you.
xo mj

11:55 PM  

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