May 16, 2007

25 sleeps to go

I have had some mad mood swings of late; who knows why? Clambering through a minefield of misinterpretation and manipulation would exhaust anyone so it's little surprise that I've been sick at home for the last couple of days.

It's getting close to the crunch, and I think that I'm justified in feeling somewhat at sea given that I'm very shortly to leave everything I know - apart from my best friend Ange - far behind. Who remembers that Candlebox song, 'Far Behind'? It was on the Trip something, oh how we used to love it.. Typically I have been digging myself a hole, but I'm confident I'll leave that behind too.

Today I got horribly sentimental upon watching this video of R.E.M. performing 'Country Feedback' live; check it out. What else? I'm almost finished 'For Whom The Bell Tolls', and rather than re-read 'Man Alone' (of which I recently found two copies), I hope that my requested 'Naked Lunch' by William S. Burroughs will turn up at the Grey Lynn library.

I must use my weekend wisely this time around, because it's my last opportunity to get stuck into the job of Minimising my Material Existence. Next weekend I am going home to Wanganui for my last visit, and what I don't take with me will largely be discarded. Friday night I'm going to see Dimmer at the King's Arms (with Anna Coddington and the Gladeyes) and I strongly urge you all to do the same - could be the last chance for a while.

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Anonymous t said...

its a weird catch 22 aye? i remember i was so excited to leave everything behind and trot off to asia alone for a few months on my way here. everything except my close friend/partner of a few years who wasn't coming with me :-(

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

i love that song.. hehe. still.

now maaaayaaaaayaaaaaaabeeeeee
didn't mean to treat you oh so bad
but i did it anywaaaaaaaaaay...

12:54 PM  

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