March 31, 2007


Two months from ground zero, so to speak, my most important task is to free myself of this net of material possessions. I'm collecting bags of clothes, with the intention of taking them to a recycle shop. I'll do that today. But it's an agonising job.

For the majority, it's a simple decision. Do I ever wear it? No - and it's in decent condition - so it goes in the bag. But there are some tricky ones.

I will sell my suit. It's in pristine condition and I just got all the mould drycleaned off. What about my puffer jacket? It was excellent in keeping the icy Danish air at bay, but I've barely worn it in New Zealand. Will I swallow my pride and make like a marshmallow, or can I count on searching out a new warm outer shell by the time I hit a winter?

Such are the big questions of my Saturday. At least I'm not hungover, although I suspect I deserve to be. See you later on at Phoenix Fest.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stuff like your suit - depends on what kind of job you want to eventually get. But your puffa, I think you should box that kind of thing up and send to me, c/o my work. And then when you arrives, ta-da! you have clothes. Winter clothes. Can't wait to see you and have you play with me and the girls. (Katy - had to be, with all that big sister style advice. Not anonymous but can never work out how to log into these things).

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