April 05, 2007


Stuff round here has been busy; gardening to do and the like. I'm off to Wanganui this weekend to dump some stuff catch up with my dad and a few friends. Ange and I have got planning to do! Hopefully I'll find some time to play my guitar and make a start on a new book - 'A Moveable Feast', by Ernest Hemingway, on recommendation by the boss.

I've been completely held up by James Joyce's 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man', which is even more deathly dull than 'Far From the Madding Crowd' was, only without the redeeming drama. Perhaps there is some drama, but it's buried pretty deep. I'm actually quite close to finishing it, but at a snail's pace, seeing as I get through perhaps one page every other night before being put to sleep. I suppose that's a merit.

Anyway, gotta run. Wish me happy photo-taking down in the 06. Maybe I'll find another dream shot like this one.. Go check out the new www.nzmusic.com too. It's so shiny!

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Blogger Paul Capewell said...

Holy crap. NZM used to be SO 1999. Will have to have a poke around but it feels weird...

1:10 PM  
Blogger Barry said...

I don't think many people would read Portrait for the drama, not unless they can get off on the development of an unworkable aesthetic, which is what Stephen, in his youthful naivety and self-belief is doing.

12:17 PM  

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