June 05, 2007


I had leaving drinks at Tabac last Wednesday. I was a bit nervous, but it was fine. Lots of friends showed up and people seemed to be able to talk to each other. Come Thursday evening, I wished the friendly neighbour farewell, and on Saturday it was goodbye to the boss. It's been a good road we've travelled together.

The next round was Ange's party in Paraparaumu on Saturday night. Within about half an hour of arriving, I realised that just about every person I'd greeted had said the same thing: "You must be excited!" I am, so it wasn't hard to reply. It was a great party. The wind-down was slow, not unlike the train ride into Wellington on Sunday evening. My farmer poet kept me company. We ate at Roti Chenai, but my neglected stomach wasn't as appreciative as was deserved.

Tomorrow is my last day at work, and we'll eat out to mark the occasion. After that I have two days to sort my flat out and sell my car, then I'm heading for the hills to sit quietly for a few days. Leaving is hard. I repeat it like a mantra: just get on the plane, just get on the plane..

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Blogger ANNA said...

You ARE still going to blog aren't you?!?!! Will miss you even more if you don't...if that's possible :(

7:53 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Yes.. see next post.

Hey thanks heaps for coming to visit the other day. I expect I wasn't the best of hostesses ;)

10:01 PM  

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