June 07, 2007


To answer Anna's question, yes I am still going to write while I travel. I expect I'll post photos too, or just refer to flickr - gotta admit that the idea of no photoshop freaks me out though! Perhaps it'll encourage me to take better pictures, instead of just 'fixing it in post'.

I sold my car yesterday! It's a great relief. Now I have got a load of jobs to get done today, and tomorrow I will retreat to my hilltop hideaway and do nothing apart from read my book (currently Capote's 'In Cold Blood'), sip wine and direct the farmer poet to massage my feet.

Now if I could just find something for breakfast.



Blogger Paul Capewell said...

That is a great relief. :)

Even though I hope to see you a bit, I would love to read up on where you are and what you're getting up to.

Hope your preparations are going well...

12:55 AM  
Blogger ANNA said...

Excellent Jess. Great you managed to get rid of your car - pretty last minute stuff though!

Now where can I find a hilltop hideaway with someone to massage my feet while I read and sip wine?... methinks you'll be missing that farmer poet when you're gone :(


8:26 PM  

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