June 27, 2007


A few words from Göreme, in central Turkey. We caught an overnight bus from Olympos last night, and today took a tour around a few of the sights here in Cappadocia. Crazy rock formations, underground cities and a stunning monastery and cathedral hewn into the volcanic rock.

We also stopped by an onyx factory and once I found out that turquoise means 'Turkish quartz' and is good luck, I couldn't resist buying a piece. I tried haggling but I'm not sure that I didn't badly offend the guy.. oh well, I feel like I did okay.

We continue to have serious withdrawals from the Mediterranean, particularly since we're so far inland now, but we soldier on. We are here for another few days then the plan is to return to Istanbul, from where we will hopefully figure out (at last) how we are to travel to Croatia. The idea of learning a whole 'nother language is a bit daunting, considering how long the basics of Turkish have taken us, but we have our phrasebooks..

I'll leave you with that picture.

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