July 26, 2007

O Valencia!

Hi everyone,

We survived Benicassim pretty well in the end. Having worked at a couple of Big Day Outs, it was really interesting to see how a four-day festival operated. Particularly infrastructure like the campsite and plumbing!

Once we got back to Valencia and found accommodation, Ange and I pretty much slept for a long time. Yesterday we met Angela´s sister Catherine, so it was time to wake up and see the city.

We have done a lot of wandering around the Barrio del Carmen area, that´s the old part of the city and it´s really quite amazing. It´s mostly a pedestrian only area, and is all meandering, flagstoned lanes with big old churches and plazas everywhere. Yesterday we climbed up the Torres de Serranos, a tower that formed part of the city wall in medieval times, built in 1392!

Today we checked out the Mercado Central, a big sort of supermarket, and this afternoon we took a tram out to the port to see the (now somewhat deserted) America´s Cup village. The rest of the day was spent lying on the broad sandy La Playa des Arenas, a beach just north of the port.

Tomorrow we bus to Barcelona, although we´ve just spent about an hour trying to secure accommodation with no luck! Fingers crossed my couchsurfing requests might bear fruit; haven´t used that avenue yet on our travels. Anyone living in Barcelona, can you help us out? Email me! Abraham, are you back from Germany? Carmen, where do you live again?! Carlos?? We´re a little desperate. Thanks in advance :)

All going well, we´ll be in Barcelona for the weekend and then it´s a parting of ways. Ange and Catherine are heading to London on Tuesday, and I´m prolonging the good times for a while and returning to Turkey.

Take care all,


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like you are having the best time! Love to you from lil' ol' Melbies! Ryan

8:58 PM  

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