June 04, 2004

Give an inch, take a smile

More additions... a sitemeter! Essential for sure. Especially now that James Noizyboy has kindly given me a link on his blog!

I had to catch a bus this morning: there was one of those annoying smiling people on it. You know when you see strangers just smiling for no apparent reason? Sometimes they have the kind of smile that makes me smile too (at least I hope when I'm in a smiling-at-the-world mood it tends to increase the average happiness on earth). But other times (I grudgingly admit this could be dependent on my oh-so-stable moods) a stranger's smile - especially at nothing in particular - can really irritate me.

Hell is other people, huh.

A cursory google brought up this quiz. Apparently this is me:
"You're the cheerful smile,the one that's truly
happy with almost everything you do and would
never change your life."

Ah, whatever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see you flexing your literary muscles. You always had a way with words. lokking forward to more pearls from the capital.

Love Ryan

1:37 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Cher Ryan! Ditto, let me know what you have been doing in Dunedin!

8:25 PM  

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