June 15, 2004

No grown ups round here

I thought I could do it, but it would seem that I can't. In hindsight, the fact that I couldn't bring myself to do it in person, and instead had to do it by mailorder - that should have indicated that I'm just not ready. I tried, but I've failed. Maybe they'll suit you?

Last night I went to Indigo to see All the Pretty Horses, but Indigo being Indigo there was no sign of the band starting at 10:45, so I bailed. I am disappointed, as they sound like an interesting act and not one that I will see again. I was impressed by the amount of merchandise on sale - a range of cds, badges, patches, t-shirts, dvds, even fridge magnets!

One other thing. This morning on National Radio I heard Don Brash stating in relation to the prohibition on nuclear ships entering our waters that if elected, National "will not make any change in policy without a referendum". The angle is that they'll change the law, but not the policy. How flakey is that?! And as for not making it an election issue - what a surprise.



Blogger supergood said...

What about these ones? My flatmate offered to buy them for my birthday.


10:08 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Haha, thanks?! I'm sure they'd suit you. I got no bids yet...

5:22 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

I got a bid! It only took two weeks! So it looks like I'll only have to suffer about 80% depreciation... :|

9:56 PM  

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