June 04, 2004

There ...

I managed to leave Wellington by about 6:30. No traffic issues, made it to Otaki in good time to visit my brother Guy. The Van has a strong safety first attitude - unlike other vehicles with pleasant 'dingdong' tones once you hit 110, the instant you drift up to 105 the Van emits the most hideous squawk. Imagine the most obnoxious alarm clock crossed with a very angry duck. A very effective speed-deterrent.

In spite of lacking somewhat in the physics of hugging, Guy earns the best brother ever medal for supplying me with a car converter for my md player, allowing me to leave my Portishead tape in the glovebox for the remainder of the trip. Soundtrack for the journey north: 'alt rock plus' (another not-terribly-accurate title): featuring Calexico, the Phoenix Foundation - Horsepower(these words as true now as they were when I wrote them last year), Cassette, the Flaming Lips - Yoshimi/Ego Tripping, Grandaddy - Sumday, Age Pryor, the Video Kid - Prototype, and a few other favourites from Flash Harry, Dinosaur Jr, and even a rare live recording of Hot Swiss Mistress (my favourite, if I had to choose one: the Method of Being a Happy Man).


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