June 10, 2004

The mundane

Hanging washing. Such a mundane task. Having to stand out in the cold dark yard straining up to a crowded clothesline is out of the question. Instead I take my milk-box of clothes from the washing machine, which is conveniently located in the kitchen, doubling the available bench space in fact. I toil up the stairs, pull the drying rack out from against the wall under the window, put the stereo on (revisiting Superette's Rosepig, a fantastic EP - dark and moody but still guitar pop) and yeah, the computer too - look at that, the washing's forgotten already, just like the sheets that will have to sit in a damp pile because a freak rainshower has just hit and there's no way I'm going outside again tonight... Although I did have intentions to go see Die!Die!Die! at the Cross. They're playing with three other bands, which further increases the likelihood that I wouldn't see DDD cos it's the Cross and nothing will start until probably 11pm. And wasn't I going to the dairy to buy lollies? Yeah.

Ah, pixie caramel and giant pebbles.

I've been reading a few other blogs lately, and a few people have been blogging about blogging. (Here and here.) And here I am writing posts on how I feel about hanging my washing. It's The Backyard! I make no claims of greatness, this is unlikely to ever be a blog where high-minded ideas are analysed. Oh, I'll attempt it - but the real pearls are in the everyday observations. I'm convinced of it.

Have had a text from my flatmate Nick. Disasteradio is playing at the Cross right now. It's stopped raining - I'm outta here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

// but the real pearls are in the everyday observations
Im totally agree ... well maybe hanging washing is not the best example :P .. but yes... just breathing and feelin ur blood flow is a great experience/observation
btw, do u like Disasteradio? How it went?

3:30 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Angel - I dawdled for too long and missed Disasteradio. Darn! He's such a nice boy too. I did see Killdeer's set, but frankly they were average and I was not surprised to hear it was their last gig. The Cross is so smokey, and it was 12:30am, so I left after their set. That meant I missed Deadline and Die!Die!Die!, but I've seen DDD before. I just can't stay up that late on a 'schoolnight'! It was refreshing to get out into society though. On the way home I paused at Happy and saw (through the door) Jonathan Crayford doing amazing things on piano, with double bass and drums accompanying. I heard a comment that Crayford was playing at 30%, which gives an indication of what he is capable of.

9:36 PM  
Blogger supergood said...

High and mighty intelligent blogs are often boring, but then so are ones where people talk about boring lives like mine.

Maybe there's potential for a middle ground?

11:32 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

I think so. It's what I'm aiming for.

6:59 AM  

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