June 20, 2004

they're watching everything, and they're watching you watching me

Last night I went to a cocktail party. Flash huh. A table covered in bottles of this and that, bowls of cherries, strawberries toothpicks and little paper umbrellas, right beside a table of music. And weren't we well-behaved!

Jolene made afghans. They were great. People should do baking more often. Cher Jo!

I have just been looking at this site, referred by jet @ nzmusic. It's a bit spooky. I'd never really thought about 'relevant ads' before, although I had wondered about the ads at the top of this page seeming to reflect keywords of earlier topics. I dunno though; I usually ignore ads as far as I can tell. Wonder what'll be deduced from my flatmate's baking. What's more spooky, of course, is the storage capacity of the mail system in question, and the potential for horrible abuse by the creators.

I guess I could start being (even more) cryptic and not really state what it is that I'm talking about... I'm pretty good at that. May lessen readability. Here's my first attempt:
Spent some time up the road. Hung out, did some stuff, same as the other day. Talked to some people. Got some food, and picked up some stuff from a place in town. Stuff looked good. Some people went to get something to look at, brought back some titles not to my liking so I moved on. Am pretty tired.
All pretty vague and noncommittal, yes? Perfect. Give me a relevant ad for that, I challenge you!

But I do want to make the occasional owning statement. Last night and today I spent some time playing guitar, and I'm pleased that my wrist is feeling heaps better which helps with the barre chords. I made up a song, but I'm not sure if I didn't just transpose someone else's...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since an ad came up on your website for Babelfish, I translated your generic paragraph into Dutch, and then back into English and it came out as
"Brought omhoog what time by the way. Hung from, did what material, same such as the other day. Spoken to some people. Got what took food, and what material of in city. The material looked at good. Some people will bring back something to so that examine, brought some titles not to my loving I moved me. Rather tired am. " so that could be another way of removing all secrets from your writing!


11:53 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Ah, but I put that translator on myself, for all those occasions when you need to know... it's a bit dodgy though innit. You got my text right? Hope your party and weekend were good.

12:24 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

//Spent some time up the road...

What I was actually saying was:

//Hung out at the boys' house. Played guitar, watched tv, talked about the cocktail party and resultant hangovers/bad behaviour/attempted bad behaviour. Went downtown (drove the two minute walk cos Ben had a car) picked up evil McDs for hungover people and I picked up Hot Swiss Mistress photos from the trip to Auckland. They are all great! (Will get some scanned and posted on nzmusic soon.) Warner and Geoff went to get videos, they came back with some Manga title and a horror about a dentist. Looked shit so I went home to drink tea and sit by the fire. Now I'm sleepy.

Just in case you were curious.

6:21 AM  

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