June 19, 2004

title not forthcoming

Apparently the sore wrist I've had on and off for the last five years now has a name. It's a ganglion. Pronounced "gang-glee-on", not "gang-lion" which could be cooler. I've got anti-inflammatories to try out for now. The sooner it gets better the less excuse I'll have for not practising guitar ever.

Last night I had dinner at Geoff's - fantastic curry, cher bo! Then we braved the chill and found our way down the hillside without assing over to go to Indigo. The Timeless Sounds! They were cool. Special mention to the accordion player, is it Kristen from Dress? I think so. Anyway, they wove a glorious cloth of bluesy rhythmic kinda gypsy Tom Waits folk sound. (Thanks Warner for the adjectives). The Shallows were visiting from Auckland, and they played well too. Two guitars, a stripped back drumkit and a keyboard supplying a bassy organ sound. Pretty loose, pretty tight, sounded good to me. The Users played next but didn't catch much of their set.



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