December 24, 2004

Another 'indie' test

Indulge me - once again. For the record, I don't think it's very accurate.

I am an indie snob!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're just too cool for school, aren't you? You're pretty narrow minded
and opinionated with regards to music (and probably most other things
as well). But you're allowed to be, because you really are better
than everyone else. You take pride in obscurity.
You probably prefer vinyl too, you elitist bitch.

[via iluvtheclean]

I'm pretty cluless about virtually all bands that aren't from New Zealand, apart from a few bands that would be boring and pointless to list. Possibly that could be interpreted as narrow-minded. But - nah. It has inspired me to finally buy a needle for my turntable though. I've got vinyl that's still in the plastic!

In case people wonder what I do listen to, right now: Jo Dukie and DJ Fitchie, and the next ten artists on 'party shuffle' are Dimmer, the Breeders, Phoenix Foundation, Trinity Roots, Johnny Cash, Coldcut, Calexico, Flash Harry, Ghostplane and Dinosaur Jr. I really prefer being able to access a database of music as far as convenience and variety go. The three CDs in my stereo are Pavement 'Slanted and Enchanted', Betchadupa 'Aiming For Your Head', and UNKLE 'Psyence Fiction'. Hardly representative... maybe they are... I dunno.

Came across this yesterday. Seven days left in the bidding - it's pretty high!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn i have headache! And thus can't read this...

But i'll be back!


Merry Christymassssss!

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Xmas, Jess!
I'm sure I will be speaking to you soon. Please give my love to the rest of the Whanau.

HAve a good one.

Love Ren x

2:18 PM  
Blogger SingleFin said...

No, bring on the vinyl! Mmm... spirally groovy goodness. I wish I could just spin 'em on my fingertip and use my tongue to listen to them...

11:21 PM  
Blogger Jo Hubris said...

Jessssssssssssssie! Hi! I have no money on my phone, so I can't text you, and I have a tollbar on my landline so I can't call your cellie, but anyways, I am SO FUCKING BORED. Let's hang out and drink some beer okay? I'll even buy it if I have to pay for your company. Lordy I am bored. Okay kthanxbye.

4:04 AM  
Blogger supergood said...

Bah, apparantely im an indie snob too, I don't see how. Stupid test.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Cece said...

I LOVE MY VINYL! My favorites are:
Michael Jackson- Off The Wall
Air Supply- Greatest Hits

Cuz I'm old school like that. hehehe.

4:50 PM  
Blogger The Saturnyne said...

Ah, i'm apparently an old indie tosser... probably cos i remembered The Telescopes...

Love for Dinosaur Jr and Pavement.

Saw Dinosaur Jr. twice. Awesome. In a slacker kind of way.

You got Pavements first album, then? I love that Especially Loretta's Scars...



5:24 PM  
Blogger supergood said...

I'd give up the love too, they are both facking awesome!

While I don't have that album, I do have a copy of that song, and it is pretty choice.

6:52 PM  
Blogger B said...

i took that quiz and i'm an indie snob, too! i don't really think i am one, tho. i think i'm pretty open minded when it comes to music, except for country and most top 40 stuff.
Sat, you saw dinosaur jr- 2X?? i'm so envious. they played with my bloody valentine in the cafeteria of the university of alabama at birmingham, but i was too young to go, dammit.
yay for the breeders, calexico, pavement, and dinosaur jr!
right now i am listening to cessna "blue anglia". wonderful! a little dealership is next in line.

3:05 AM  
Blogger The Saturnyne said...

Ah yeah, i saw both of them together, they were sharing a bill with... if i can remember... Blur, and... god i can't remember... perhaps it was the Jesus And Mary Chain?

Blur were very young then. Quite the lightest group of the evening. But fun.

Hey! What-the-fuckkk?!?! I've seen them THREE times! I also saw them being supported by the awesome Come. And Another time being supported by The Boo Radleys... before they went all dancey and brassy... ugh for brassy!

Ah, i spent a lot of money on the t-shirts in those days...


6:29 AM  
Blogger B said...

Sat- i hate you now! i'm sooo green!
can't believe you saw dino jr 3X! dammit to hell!
i saw come & the breeders open for nirvana on dec 1, 1993. just a month or so before that i saw swervedriver (one of my faves) opening for smashing pumpkins. never saw dinosaur jr or my bloody valentine or blur, or so many others. i was too young, dammit.
i have seen some really great shows over the years, tho:
stereolab (4X), yo la tengo, flaming lips (2X), charlatans, dandy warhols, the fall, pixies, guided by voices (2X), the cardigans (2X), interpol, sonic youth, grandaddy, tori amos, and i saw mum at dingwall's. and some others i can't think of at the mo.
re: spending loads of cash on t-shirts back then- i can totally identify with that. i gave all my t's to my younger bro. i think he still has them.

4:28 AM  

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