December 10, 2004


Such a sublime evening of sounds last night was exactly what I needed. This week has been quite full-on in terms of things to come to terms with: apart from the mechanical malfunctions earlier in the week, there was the Smokefree Environments Amendment Act coming into force banning smoking in all workplaces, the Civil Unions Bill being passed 65-55 offering a legally recognised alternative to marriage, sitting across the other side of a restaurant from Brian Tamaki, the oh-so-talented TrinityRoots announcing their imminent break-up, and Ahmed Zaoui being released on bail after two years of incarceration pending investigation of a supposed security threat.

The Brian Tamaki thing was surreal. I find that he provokes a similar reaction to Dubya (ie he makes me Mad); I've mostly been aware of the whole 'destiny' buzz (aside from the march on Parliament) from that awful Listener cover story, the Wellington High School stand-off and coming across a huge gathering of black-shirted demonstrators in Mission Bay in early August. I was at Istana Malaysia for Alyssa’s farewell dinner on Thursday night, and once word got around who else was on the premises there was some excitement (possibly something to do with the total majority of law graduates dominating our group). Alyssa resolved to get a photo with BT. She went over to his table, accompanied by a solid-looking male friend, and purporting to be a fan made her request. Apparently BT was inclined to agree but before the 'click' his bodyguards stepped in and vetoed. Something about unauthorised publication of photos lately. Hardly surprising, I mean I’m sure he’s had his 15 minutes in the New Idea pages.

An email from Alyssa yesterday: "The highlight of the night was, of course, meeting Brian Tamaki. The low point of the night was, of course, meeting Brian Tamaki. FYI I will be posting a message on the Destiny Church website explaining why using bouncers the size of Kauri trees and waitresses the size of a small African child to remove "fans" from a dining area is unacceptable in this age of civil unions and no smoking in bars."

Quite a few controversial goings-on in the media this week. And I'm not even going near the Scribe or Martin Phillips rumours.


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How many links in this post? Is that a record? I'd write more, but me heads pounding. Auchh! I'm in paiiin!

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