April 20, 2005

20 April 2005


Since my brain has dictated that I am incapable of working today, I decided to do some research into important stuff that has happened on April 20 in years gone by...

Other birthdays...
You share your birthday with Adolf Hitler. I heard that one from Jedi on the Radio Active breakfast show. I like hearing Jedi in the mornings. Go Jed! You're a great breakfast host! You also share a birthday with Joan MirĂ³, Jessica Lange and Carmen Electra.

Some events in history...
Besides your birth, that is.
In 1902, Irene and Pierre Curie isolated radium.
In 1999, those insane weirdos in Columbine killed loads of students and teachers.
In 1970, Richard Nixon was on the cover of Time magazine for screwing something up.
The websites I used don't seem to record happy events.

When you were born the #1 song in the US was 'ABC' by the Jackson 5.
The #1 UK song was 'All Kinds of Everything' by Dana.

In 1970...
The Beatles broke up.
Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin both died.
IBM introduced the floppy disk.
Tonga gained independence from Britain. And look at it now!

Your birthday today...
Exciting and inspirational, others are drawn to your dynamic personality. Expect some frustration in work or relationships mid-year, but hang in there because September through to December are super months for you. (Stuff)

Deal only in facts and remain grounded, and you will attain most goals you set for yourself this year. Destiny lies in your own hands, but to develop and prosper you must be prepared to work hard. Meantime, a relationship that recently hit a rough spot should soon smooth out. (NZ Herald)

So the internet isn't terribly useful all the time. The point is, I'd like the world to know that my big sisters are the best one could hope for, loving and generous and kind. Megan, I haven't forgotten how you nursed me when I was disgustingly sick after my widom teeth extraction, and Anna, it's so great having you live nearby - even though it's only for another two months :(

Best wishes for the year ahead and may all your hopes and dreams be realised.


Anonymous Meg said...

Jess you're a darling, thanks and love xxx

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anna said...

thanks for the interesting stuff most of which I didn't know about. The Hitler thing I did know - as Fraz likes to remind me when I act like a dictator!!
Love u, miss u already.

11:32 AM  

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