January 06, 2006

Time for some risk

I had a very interesting evening last night: in fact, my bFM debut - my friend Mark graciously invited me along to guest on his Handpicked show (inherited from Mikhal). I was quite nervy but it was fun nonetheless - let me count on my fingers - it's been nigh on four years since I last did a show on Radio One.

Apart from the radio buzz, talking with Mark has prompted me to evaluate my position and consider my next move, in the style of this post. Oooh, exciting! Rest assured, those of you following my progress with some vested interest, I'm not going anywhere - but I think I need to stretch myself a bit.

Coincidental that I'm currently reading 'Black Oxen', by Elizabeth Knox, in which the main character occasionally goes by the name 'Risk'.


Blogger Mike said...

Oooh, sounds very exciting - look forward to the next installment
Go girl

8:31 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Thanks Mike. I'm sorry that I'm so slow to get it written up. It really is losing relevance :s

Today there was a mouse in my room. This made me unhappy.

9:22 PM  

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