April 30, 2006

The sunset is pretty this evening.

I can see a narrow sliver of a crescent moon and it's very picturesque. Probably it would be even better if I wasn't at the bottom of a gully.

My dad got me a record player for my birthday. It's the first entirely functional record player I've ever owned. It's great! Like any self-respecting music fan I have the beginnings of a record collection, largely singles but a few LPs too. I've now owned the thing for approximately one week, and during that time I've bought two singles and three LPs.

Clearly this kind of consumption is insupportable but financial woes aside, the new toy has rekindled my interest in buying new sounds. One of my album purchases last week (from Wellington's awesome Slow Boat Records) was 'Either/Or' by Elliott Smith, and I'm loving it. I was already familiar with 'Figure 8', which I love, and today I've bought Elliott's self-titled LP (Kill Rock Stars). I hear that 'xo' is fantastic so I look forward to tracking that one down too.

And the weekend's nearly over. I'm feeling good about today because I've walked into town, looked at pictures of Europe and thereabouts at the library and then once I got home, I cleaned the bathroom! That kind of productivity is practically unheard of around these parts. Yesterday was a bit of a write-off, having over-indulged somewhat on Friday night (work drinks, bFM, then on to the Dogs Bollix for the Tuesdays, the Have and the Tutts). I had to do car-fixing-warranting (failed) things, but other than that sleep was the order of the day. I checked out a few of the bands at the KA last night for the Bleeders show. It was very loud.

I'm reading Anthony Kiedis' autobiography at the moment. It's okay so far. It inspired me to revisit 'One Hot Minute', the only RHCP album I own. It was kind of rubbish, which is funny, because I remember being really into it about ten years ago.


Blogger Paul Capewell said...

Thats great about the record player...Theres just something about the sound of a record on vinyl eh :) U got a few bits from Slow Boat records too... Chills 12" single, some Citizen Band stuff... Its a nice shop. a bit more hectic than Real Groovy, feels more 'authentic' or something.

I'm having a very slow unproductive weekend but I did just do the washing up so wow.


5:19 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

So Dad got you a RECORD PLAYER!!?!?! How come I got the elephant tshirt... I guess you got what you asked for and I just forgot to ask!

3:15 AM  
Blogger Meg said...

yeah...any suggestions for uses for a big ole elephant tee??
BTW glad you enjoyed your bday! x

4:29 AM  

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