April 03, 2006

More Invercargill

I left off a few weeks back with a picture of the famous sign at Bluff and the water tower at Invercargill. Fast forward two weeks and I'm back from touring. I'm exhausted, I have trees growing in my shoulders (and other places too according to my masseuse), but I have had a most enjoyable time and I'm feeling a bit flat about a return to the daily routine.

All that aside here's some more pictures of Invercargill - our rain day (= day off) there being about the only opportunity I had to roam around camera in hand. All pics taken on tour can be found at flickr under the tag 'Birds' (I have loads to post there yet).

After I took this photo a rabbit ran past me. I was so surprised I couldn't even register what it was for a second. Then I almost texted someone because I was so excited but I couldn't decide who would care so there was no text.

After that I found a canal and a series of bridges I deemed photo-worthy:

It was about this time that a man walked very close behind me as I was concentrating on framing the image and I actually thought I was about to die. Not so! Lucky for y'all and me too huh! Then I came across this crazy camouflage tree. It was cool but not quite cool enough to post.

Back to civilisation, and this remarkable church:

I couldn't walk by this one either:

And just quietly, here's a photo-hosting vent. Flickr hosts all my pictures (at least until my pro membership runs out. (Props to Jemsweb for that.) I want to post decent sized pictures so I have tended to use images 405px wide. But when I reduce the med-sized flickr reproduction from 500px to 405px, it goes kind of blurry. This means I have been adjusting the image sizes and hosting additional reproductions at photobucket, and double-hosting is pretty inconvenient. So I've messed with my template and made the main column 505px wide, so I can plug into the 500px source images and be happy happy happy with the result.


Blogger The Saturnyne said...

ooo! pick-chas!

lotsa lovely piccies!

Heya! Am wandering through, while i think about my next blog-post...

Hmm... what's the date? =]


2:19 AM  
Blogger Meg said...

Good to have you back, even if you are a bit tree-infested! Great pics Jess, will have to check out Flickr :D

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Jimmy said...

I must have been real little when I was last in invercargill, because I can't remember the architecture being that rad at all. I wonder if I should include it on my list of places I may run away too?

5:40 AM  
Blogger Barry said...

Wow, you make the old town look really great - I will have to cruise around a bit more thoroughly next time I'm down there. That shouldn't be long: oyster festival in less than a month. woohoo!

10:44 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

So, after two weeks away, all you have here are lovely pix of Inver-bloody-cargill???!?!! I guess I'll have to wander over to Flickr. You're a clever wee sausage Jess. And thanx again for the tix ;)

11:27 AM  

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