July 20, 2006

Last FM

I've been procrastinating like crazy today - deadline day - so there's been a proliferation of posting on my last.fm page. Last.fm has been madeover recently, and it really looks good. Being easily impressed by shiny things, I'm particularly taken by their inclusion of thumbnail images of artists for the 'Recently Played' and 'Weekly Top Artist' sections.

I haven't yet fully explored the streaming radio aspect of the site, being a little overexposed to the copyright licensing side of the coin of late in the world of work, and another reason is that if I'm listening to music on my computer, I want it to be scrobbled and logged, and displayed in various places for my own narcissism - on the chart just to the right, for example. This one shows the ten artists I've listened to the most in the previous week. I have another chart on my myspace page that shows the last five tracks I listened to. It's an extension of my days on Radio One, when I got to impose my tastes on an unsuspecting audience. It makes me happy.

I've been to a few film festival movies lately - stand by for a rundown in the next few days.



Anonymous Lisa said...

Long Live LASTFM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:17 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...


I'm afraid last.fm is the new Backyard.

For the time being, at least. Mo' blogging going on there than here..

10:24 PM  
Blogger cotard said...

Well... you've gone and got me hooked too.

7:22 AM  

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