January 24, 2007

Now what?

The Big Day Out comedown has been pretty smooth so far. I had an unpleasant sense of anti-climax on Saturday morning, but that was only because I had been hoping that the biggest party of the year (all three weeks of it) would take place on Friday night. As it was, I dragged Ange to Mt Eden for my first taste of boil up, and that was pretty much the extent of it.

The downer didn't last, and we sure made up for it on Saturday at my barbecue.

Workwise, no dramas, just loose ends to tie up. It's been interesting to read about varying experiences of the day, such as those discussed on public address and also on myspace.

So, now what? Travel plans, looking up oil rigs, preparing for the next project. This evening I saw a test screening of The Devil Dared Me To. And this weekend, I'm hoping to head up to Northland.

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