August 12, 2007

It hurts to sit down.

With the memory of my black, yellow and blue post-jetski incident left buttock barely faded, over the last few days I have taken on several remarkable additions to my catalogue of bruises. Aside from the usual range of who-knows-whys strewn about my legs, there's a strange rectangular mark on my tailbone, due I think to misadventures in the shower. Next we have a mean red and blue centred fading to a dull yellowish brown, again on my much abused left buttock - this one from excitedly landing on the pole the waterski/banana/biscuit rope is tethered to on the back of the jetboat. Also of note is a ludicrous bump on my forehead. This one really is embarrassıng. I was asleep on a mattress under the tables in the restaurant - we go to great lengths to find anywhere with a cool breeze - and my host had just woken me up to go help wıth watersports in the bay. I was remembering an odd dream I'd had, and as I went to recount it I lazily reached to pull myself off the mattress and instead succeeded in pullıng a chaır directly onto my head. Much hilarity, for everyone but me!

Since I've just written a lengthy paragraph on my latest crop of bruises, you would be right to guess that there's not much else to tell. I have one more week here at Gökkaya, and while this realisation nearly caused hyperventilation a few days ago, I'm talking myself into it, and I know that seeing my long lost family and friends in London will be a great thing.

It's been a wholly unexpected interlude, and one that I'll not soon forget.

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Blogger audrey said...

why...doncha just come visit angleterre for a few weeks (ie espec while meg is here) then go back for more sun ? are you only coming to london cos you feel like you have to? cos if so then that is BAD!! ooooonly sayin' XXXXX

11:12 PM  

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