September 29, 2008

That was Toast

Here's Supergroove playing at Toast New Zealand, held at Kensington Olympia. Much like a giant train station. Pretty sunset, but a very live room with pooor sound.

So: at last, Supergroove! I thoroughly enjoyed the day, even though I out-fangirled myself. Including uncontrollably blurting my incredible memorable moment meeting Che Fu at Jack Hodge Music in Wanganui while buying the 'Can't Get Enough' cassingle after their live in-store in 1994 to Che Fu himself; that's how I roll.

I'm discreet.

Collapsing Cities and Opshop played too. All suffered from the difficult sound, although standing directly in front of the stage went a long way towards fixing it. Toast wasn't quite the scary gathering of drunken NZers that I was expecting, which was pleasant relief.

It was a great weekend, what with that and spending lots of quality time with the friendly ex-neighbour. Not to mention - yes I'm counting - the third weekend running of beautiful weather!

I've just downloaded Stanza, the iphone ebook app. Once I've finished reading Zadie Smith's 'White Teeth', which is excellent and set round here in my 'hood, I might give it a try. I wonder if it can win over my scepticism of screen reading?

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