July 21, 2008

iphone brings the love

Goodbye to my faithful Nokia 6234, which served me well for the last two years, since sometime around mid 2006. Because Paul did it, I have extracted the following info which is testimony to my love of keeping in touch...

- Received calls' duration: 43:41:34
- Dialled calls' duration: 70:20:21
- All calls' duration: 114:02:06
- Sent messages: 4512
- Received messages: 3956

Thanks Nokia 6234, for taking good care of me in at least seven countries, for being my phone, diary, organiser, modem, camera, torch and so much more. I'll never forget you. (If you're wondering what the wallpaper photo is, it's my self-portrait as a golf-cart.)

Out with the old, in which the new - which means hello! to my shiny new 8gb 3g iphone. It's a lovely machine, full of wonder and new discoveries. I think I am over the obsessive stage and can now become comfortable in my new relationship. Which is not to say that it doesn't still find little ways to surprise me, little gifts to let me know I'm special. So sweet. Of all the apps I've tried so far (all six or so, I got so into the bubble wrap simulator that I stopped right there), the last.fm one is simply awesome.

My gripes to date are the boring, boring hours spent trying to get the thing to sync with Outlook 2007. It just won't. Getting the hang of the keyboard takes some time, and I don't know how to do a few things which were intuitive on the Nokia. Add to that the general anxiety of scratching it or dropping it or simply running out of battery - or being unable to find a wifi network when I'm in the midst of Soho and really need the map function. Actually speaking of which, the time that happened it's definitely true that if I'd just looked up from the screen I would have located myself pretty quickly; therefore it's true to say my iphone is making me stupider. Joyful are the ignorant.. or something - right?

Other stuff which I would like to mention but I just can't because it's bed time already and I've barely done any of my list of jobs this evening...

- Rise Festival last weekend was cool - CSS rock, new album is on 7digital for £5
- Did I mention Milan? The wedding was lovely, the castle was beautiful, thanks thanks thanks and much love to Steve and Tammi. Photos here, err still a few to go up..
- Lovebox festival on Saturday was cool, but over far too quickly, and I've only just managed to stop feeling annoyed about the £40 cab home. Manu Chao stole the show
- Oh, and Leonard Cohen last week was wonderful, humbling, truly great, gushgushgush sorta styles. I felt privileged to be amongst the zillions of people in the O2 Arena. Aside from hearing 'The Future' (which was beautiful), his recitation of 'A Thousand Kisses Deep' was just sublime

Monday never tasted so good.

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