May 28, 2008

an experiment

I’m trying out a project. In order to encourage myself to put some content onsite, I intend to post something as often as possible for the next week or so, based on 8:05pm. In the past few months, my days are such that while the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak, tired, or more often simply out of the house. My good intentions of scintillating opinions and provocative thought pieces are dashed on the rocks of hell’s pavement. So, I’m taking this entirely arbitrary point in time - 8:05pm - and that's my starting point. It seems like a time at which I might be doing something noteworthy.

Last night at 8:05pm, I was on the tube.

But let’s not stop there. After finishing work around half five, I stopped by a bar up the road with a few workmates where we discussed the usual – the workplace, Scottish politics, similarities between the highlands and New Zealand. After a couple it was time to move on, so Jo and I caught the 133 up to Brixton and got the tube to Highbury & Islington. We parted ways, and I ducked into the Famous Cock where I accidentally interrupted a Collapsing Cities interview and found Star in the garden bar.



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