April 16, 2008

The Breeders at Koko

I saw the Breeders perform this evening for the second time in my life. The first time was at Indigo, way back in 2003, supported by Paselode although Kylie and I messed up and missed their support set. I had bought the last ticket for the show from Ticketek, and was incredibly drunk and moshed right up the front having the most violent and best time ever (until I saw the White Stripes later that year, which was perhaps as if not more violent. Those days are gone).

Tonight was different in that I wasn't trashed, hadn't got the last ticket and didn't mosh. I was pretty close to the front though, and a little violent in that I clapped so hard I broke my ring.

They played loads from the new album 'Mountain Battles', which is really very good and I like it a lot already, and also a lot from 'Last Splash'. I could hardly believe it. It was awesome. I can't even remember if they played 'Do You Love Me Now?', which is the tab in the picture - if they did, surely I would recall? Anyway it's the only Breeders tab I could find, and the scrawled fretboards are from when I discovered something exciting about barre chords, and now it's time to go to bed.

Just before I do - this morning I was catching Ange up on recent events, and she told me about the tragedy at OPC in the Tongariro National Park. We'd gone there with most of our friends when we were 16, too. At work, I read the news stories on the NZ Herald site and despaired for the communities of those who died. And felt indignant that the Herald said the Mangatepopo River is in the Ontario National Park. Have some respect for your country.

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Blogger owens valley tomatohead said...

Neat comparison of the Welli and London shows. Sorry about the ring.

Speaking of Paselode, the baby and I have been obsessed with "C'mon Hallelujah" this past week and it was weird and wonderful to meet and to hang out with Rhys. He is headed your way as part of Over the Atlantic in about five weeks. They are sooo different live. I danced for the first time in five months.

They are playing the same festival in Leeds and the Black Seeds. Whoa.

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