February 29, 2008

we dance

Wondering what I've been doing with my time?

Why, dressing up in traditional Turkish outfits and dancing with small children, of course! That, and farewelling the fifth of my close friends to depart since my arrival six months ago. Dealing with the demise of my prized right nipple piercing. Getting acquainted with my beautiful new guitar, pictures to follow. Counting the minutes until the next time I see my shiny new boyfriend. Untold hours commuting. Cooking new recipes, making phone calls, uploading photos, ANTM dates. It's Leap Day today. I keep meaning to write but I look and the time is already passed. I've been telling everyone that the clocks go forward this weekend, but I'm four weeks early.

I have just booked a flight to Zurich for the day before my birthday in April. It is done!

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