September 29, 2007


Jessie is..

watching the Welsh play Fiji.

happy for Fiji but a little sad for the Welsh.

interested in hearing the new Die! Die! Die! album (thanks Paul for the interview link, and nice to meet you the other night :)

no longer feeling sorry for the Welsh and is now really wanting Fiji to win.

uploading still more Turkey photos, thanks Ange.

going to cook chilli con carne tonight.

drinking Red Stripe and quite liking it.

thinking that Phil Spector is totally creepy.

really bad at not listening to Audrey due to engrossment in various websites.

multitasking with an average of fifteen tabs open as well as flickr uploadr and adobe photoshop.

amused by Audrey's involvement in the game.

enjoying the Arcade Fire's 'Intervention'. "Working for the church while your family dies.." haha so melodramatic.

very worried about Nicky Little.


Blogger Paul Capewell said...

Nice to meet you too. :)

Phew, what a game... :-X

6:04 PM  

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