August 23, 2007


Goodbye Turkey
I arrived into London on Monday, a cold grey culture shock. My exit from Turkey was no less exciting than last time. With my flight to Stansted leaving Antalya at 7:05am on Monday, I had intended to leave the bay on Sunday afternoon, but my host insisted that he had another plan. Sunday night saw me hanging at the bar, like just about every other night for the previous three weeks, begrudgingly dancing to Shania Twain's 'I Feel Like A Woman', Fergie's 'My Humps', whoever's is that song about 'Detroit: I Love this City' (actually quite like that one) and other dancefloor hits.

The bar closed around 1am, and with lights out around 1:45am, someone set their alarm for 2:45am. It seemed like only a minute had gone by when Veli's voice appeared, "Jessie, it's time to go."

By the light of the fluorescent lantern I gathered my pack and stepped onto the speedboat. The wind whipped at my eyes as we made our way out of Gökkaya bay and towards the lights of the Çayağzi harbour. I kept them closed. A taxi was waiting, and I crawled into the backseat as my host gave instructions to the driver. Then we were gone. Sleeping in the backseat of a taxi following the coastline of the Mediterranean is not an easy thing and all I really did for the next two and a half hours was keep my eyes closed.

Once I got into terminal 2 at the airport I discovered I was supposed to be in terminal 1, 2km away, so I hurried outside to find a taxi. I had a well-contained tantrum at a driver who refused to take me, but then at least carried my bag to another more accommodating vehicle. Check in took forever, and of course I needed the toilet the entire time, but I was strangely mesmerised by the trailer for a Turkish soap called 'Yemin' that was looping on overhead screens. All stormy emotional glances and deeply telling expressions.

Hello London
It's my fourth day and I've learned how to use public transport from my current abode at my sister Audrey's in Islington. I've caught up with Ange, Libby, Guy, Lisa, Richard, Bridget and Lindi. Got my mobile going and made an appointment to get a NIS number. I've spent lots of time with my sister Katy and her two lovely daughters and plan to spend lots more.

Last night Aud and I went to see Slint play 'Spiderland', presented by ATP's Don't Look Back series. As they broke into the opening notes of 'Breadcrumb Trail', I said to Audrey, "This will always be my first gig in London!" We drank to that.

Koko is a big venue with a lot of levels looming over the stage. As the show progressed we made our way upwards until we were staring down at the band and the sound desk looked like a spaceship. It was the first night that Aud and I had hung out over some beers, me being a bit flu-ridden, and I'm afraid we were those people at the gig who talked lots. But we still heard the chilling 'Good Morning Captain' and shouted, "Yeah, Coleridge!" at the end so people would know that we know.

I have to run and meet Rin at Oxford Circus now. Thank you for your attention. I have been uploading photos like nobody's business, and you can now see even more of my recent history online right here. I still have Spain and revisited Turkey to come. I hope to be reunited with my laptop next week, hello photoshop!

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Blogger ANNA said...

Glad you made it to London sis, although it sounded a bit dodgy getting there. Say Hi to my sisters for me... miss you all :(


2:59 AM  
Blogger mlove said...

i'm seething with jealousy! slint spiderland! london! turkey! all of your exciting adventures! i'm going to have to do something soon to try and make you jealous... hehehe. on that note - i might be moving to japan in a year.

keep up the good work - miss you, but so glad you are having a good time.

x x mj

9:25 PM  

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