May 12, 2008

ATP vs Pitchfork

I spent hours last night listening to Curt Kirkwood. The Meat Puppets played 'Plateau' and it was truly awesome to behold.

I sat among a revolving cast of drifters for hours, Curt huge like a bear in his deer-printed house coat, listening to him talk about anything at all. I restrained myself but it spilled from me, meaningless words, an illustrated book about birds. And finally after a cumulative hours of reverence, I asked for stories of Kurt Cobain. I got them, along with Stipe and Coyne, a hundred bands I don't know but probably should, stories and spin and tales of a life lived.

ATP vs Pitchfork, Camber Sands, Sussex. The best music festival I've ever been to, where I saw the least amount of music. Still, I saw a bit.

Ween, that's pretty much it for Friday night. On Saturday, Bonn Iver were a bit discordant and twelve for me. Meant to see Howlin Rain after chatting with the cute bass player, but like so many times, didn't manage to leave the chalet. Les Savy Fav had hilarious antics, pink panther suit spotting, luring, taking and destroying. Black Lips were fun and prime-time, Hot Chip were super.

Sunday started with Jens Lekman at 2pm. I saw Black Mountain and loved them, just the right spacey Mazzy Star style vocal crossed with fast dirty rock. Pissed Jeans I caught by accident and was completely captivated for a whole song as I walked by. (That might not sound like much, but it was a rare band of which I saw an entire set). The singer looked smashed and he bawled into the microphone as he leaped around the stage. Walked past No Age since I'd bought one of their t-shirts. The Meat Puppets were pretty much the last band I was to see. 'Plateau'. Imagine. Later they did 'Oh Me' and also 'Lake of Fire'. Sweeeet. That is how I will remember the music.

Non-musical revelations are far too many to think about thinking about. Stunning weather, abundance of good company, good cheer, and good sound. Visits to the beach. Stacks of bands I'd never heard of. An unlimited supply of interesting strangers to accost. I had such a great time that I took about three photographs.

I'm looking forward to getting some sleep. ATP - best music festival in living memory.

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Blogger audrey said...

cool to finally have you there jess! and you know why it's so ace? NO VIP AREA! among other reasons... X ps "jens lekman i love yooooou"

11:54 PM  

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