June 15, 2008

calm in the chaos

Life has been so fast lately. I had three and a half days of training last week, not much opportunity for working towards my fast approaching deadlines. Makes for some false relief at close of business, Friday.

Thought I had it all under control on a most pleasant evening but no, I was as hungover as a hungover thing on Saturday as I dragged my sorry carcass around Clapham looking at potential new homes. Timing meant I spent a good hour sprawled in the Common, drooling onto myself and periodically crawling after the shifting shade.

Flat hunting in this city is like nothing I've ever experienced. For one who has trouble with the smallest of decisions, it poses quite the challenge. I'm about ready to give up for the time being and just kick on in my present home. It does the job.

Not much else happened for a while, unless you count the many hours spent contemplating my situation as I lay curled in bed. Then today around 2 or 3, Erica gave me a wonderful massage. One of those massages that are so good you keep thinking it's going to end, but it doesn't, not until most of the tension and knots are dissolved. After that it seemed like a possibility for me to put some clothes on and accompany Garry and Erica to Gladstone Park for some tennis.

I played tennis! I used to play when I was about ten, and as far as I can remember I wasn't too shabby either. Think I stopped a couple of years later, and was disappointed to pick up a racket when I was maybe 15 and barely know what to do with it. But I surprised myself today. My serving let me down but the backhand was better than I remembered, and my forehand was mean! Sometimes. Good fun, anyway.

We spent the evening watching the Mighty Boosh episodes on youtube. Now you know it all.

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