May 31, 2008

sticky floors the world over

As the appointed hour on Thursday evening drew near, I was slumped on a train speeding south towards London. Work had taken me to Liverpool, where I was required to do some speaking.

Before that happened, I had time to get lost wandering the streets. I found my way to Albert Dock, where I loitered, enjoying the hot sunshine. There’s an exhibition of Gustav Klimt’s work on at the Tate Liverpool, but it only opened to the public today. I hope that I might go back, with my sister Katy, without whom I wouldn’t have known it was on.

My seminar was held at the Cavern Club, which is across Mathew St (in the “Cavern Quarter”) from the original venue. I stood about in the green room, my feet sticking to the floor as I rehearsed, and it could have been any old dingey venue with no clue as to the state of the world outside. I was surprised to find a sunny afternoon when I eventually emerged.

Fact about Liverpool: clothing store Pop has the best vintage belts I've seen in a long time and they are only £6 each.



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