October 12, 2008


I've scrobbled 10,000 tracks in the four months since June. 2,500 per month. Which brings me to 40,000 tracks since April 2005, an overall average of roughly 950 tracks per month. Makes sense given that I split my listening formats between vinyl, mp3 and cd before shifting solely to mp3 once I left NZ last year. Since my previous last.fm stats milestone in June this year, the site has undergone a makeover and is now better than ever.

I'm going to avoid getting more involved in calculating averages and instead watch season 1, episode 1 of The Wire.

Before I forget - Calexico last night at the Forum was superb. Great set consisting of a mix of tracks from Carried to Dust, Garden Ruin and Feast of Wire, with one or two others - go take a look at the setlist if you're interested. The Forum is a great venue and the crowd was pretty chilled out, and most importantly the sound was just right. I took a few photos which you can see starting here.

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Blogger Tomatohead said...

Yay you getting to see Calexico in a great venue with a chilled out crowd!

Oh, The Wire. My life hasn't been the same since we finished it. All hail Omar and to a lesser extent, Bunk. That Dominic West is a bit of a handsome neanderthal....Enjoy!

10:47 PM  
Blogger timseley said...

Nice blog. I'm a last.fm fan, but not nearly as hardcore as you apparently :). You might take a listen to a few of our tunes. I like a lot of the same music as you (but who doesn't like Calexico honestly) although that doesn't necessarily mean that the stuff we produce is the same as the stuff we enjoy. I'm always looking for constructive feedback from music nuts. www.newmusicmonday.com

4:13 PM  

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