January 23, 2009


50,005 to be exact. It took me a week over three months to notch up a further 10,000 tracks. What that says, is that I have managed to write a measly four blog posts in three months.

You know where that time goes - the time that I could be spending writing intelligent and worthwhile pieces, which would no doubt provoke and entertain my legions of faithful readers? It goes the same way as the hours I would love to spend playing my guitar, knitting, cooking normal meals, and watching quality tv and films. It goes on the tube.

No time for analysis on the latest figures, I got to get some sleep. Just a couple of things first. I am watching a tv series called 'Huff'. I just finished episode 4, season 1. It gave me some quite significant food for thought. I'll be eating that meal alone.

Secondly, I watched 'In Bruges' on the weekend, and OMG!!1! Colin Farrell is hot. I am a total sucker for that sexy Irish accent, too. Watch him being hot on Jonathan Ross, part one and part two. [Insert drooling sound.] The movie itself is really good. For some reason I thought it was going to suck - the preview and poster didn't sell it but it is definitely well worth it.

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