July 01, 2009


Today I got an @reply from @EddieArgos and it was quite exciting - all three words! It started with my catching up on the Eddie Argos Resource, specifically this post which made amusing use of the adjective 'festive'. I could go into more detail but I'm feeling a bit self-conscious, blogging about tweeting. I will just say that I did worry a bit that he would think I was calling him fat, even though I suppose I kind of was, but never in a bad way, you know.

In other news, I finished posting photos from Primavera, flickr edition (facebook edition to follow, one day). Also, I had an excellent weekend at Glastonbury. Loads of photos yet to come (from that and Hurricane) - in the meantime check out these ones, which are far more awesome.

Also, today I have downloaded Justice, Wilco and Faith No More. I think this makes me a well-rounded person.

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