March 07, 2009

I'm counting the tweet 2 3 4 5

Hi. Remember me? No? What's that - you've gotten used to that goat that keeps the grass down? You prefer the goat? I don't believe that for a second.

Now that the whole twitter bandwagon has reached a virtual tipping point (it's not quite there, I'm still the only one in my fluctuating household of 6-7-8 adults that's familiar with it), it's about time I mentioned it. According to my page, I've been tweeting since ... she says having just realised I can probably look back - as can anyone - and see what witty and clever things I've been sharing with the internets at large for these past.. how long? For posterity, here's my first tweet, from those sunshine hazy days in Auckland.

Because the media has been all over it lately, a few more people I know are hooked up so I now have a ratio of around 50:50 of people that I've actually met vs those that just seem interesting. Like Trent Reznor, Jemaine Clement, David Lynch, Billy Gould: yes the bass player from Faith No More! Are we all aware that Faith No More are reforming to play some European shows this summer?! So Excitement.

Bringing it back to theme, one of my favourite features of twitter is hashtagging, or just simple search terms. A few of my custom searches are #fnm for keeping up with tour rumours, #lent for moral support as I'm again abstaining from cakes, biscuits, desserts and confectionery, although not for quite the same tedious reasons as last year (ie the painstaking repair of my torn moral fabric - I'm just resigned to the state of it now), ANTM for amusement during the show, ATP to keep up with lineup announcements for the Breeders weekend in May, Colin Farrell because have you seen In Bruges? Can you blame me?!, and pineapple lumps, just to keep an eye on my favourite sweets, and probably because I was really bored on the tube that day.

Secrettweets. I was tempted today, but paranoid, and some secrets, you don't know how to start. It's not as cool as postsecret, though.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have supersubs to set for this weekend's premier league fixtures. There's a pub crawl on tomorrow, and I really deserve some oblivion between now and then.

Bonus extra: saw the Zorro musical this evening. It was great! A whole lot better than the Queen one we saw last week. The world was weighing heavy this evening, and Zorro really cut through all that.. haha.. Gypsy Kings FTW.

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