September 28, 2009

Once, enough?

Some things can only happen once.

Like the time you let me kiss you, at last.

The naïveté, audacity and sheer destructive bonding of the winter's night you welcomed me to your home and your history.

The evening we walked to my house together and stood beneath the tree on the corner in full, glorious blossom.

And the weekend we met in a foreign country with no expectations. 

As I get older I am realising the value in chance events, that unfold perfectly, that could never be planned or staged but instead emerge unexpectedly as beautiful moments, now suspended indefinitely in the formaldehyde of my memory.

What I'm learning is that these things can never happen again. The moment passes, innocence goes with it and I lose a part of myself if I try to live life in reverse. 

Train roll on. Tuesday's gone.      



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