June 27, 2004

48 hours

Last night I went to the 48 hour film contest finals. It was sold out, packed to the last seat with crew and supporters. My favourite and the eventual winner was Heinous Crime by Taika Cohen and (I think it's) Loren Horsley. Taika is so funny. Next best and even better in some ways was How To Deal with the Situation - absolute classic featuring Richard Falkner with a rather distinguished face of hair. Third place was Nice n' Easy with a detective theme. Might go check out the Auckland finalists this afternoon. I see on the 48 hours site that Aucklanders can view the Welli finals on July 4 at the Classic Comedy Club. If you're even mildly interested you should definitely check it out.

Disturbingly quiet weekend in terms of movie entertainment rather than live and electric. Did manage to get reasonably drunk at the Paramount though.

Listening to Elastica Elastica, JPS Experience Bleeding Star (JPSE are so great) and A Low Hum CD 2 (now available on smoke cds).


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