July 12, 2004

hot swiss mistress: keeping it reel

On Saturday, Warner, Rhys, Ben and I hit the road with a vanload of gear. After a couple of stops (faffing quotient fulfilled) to pick up Richard and a reverb unit we took off up state highway 2 on a flawless winter's day, destination: someplace rural north-west of Masterton - Keeping It Reel studios.

Such a beautiful day! ...

Keeping It Reel: 8 track is where it's at

The recording progresses quickly. Live takes; then acoustic overdubs, tambourine and shakers, then vocals. About six hours after we arrive, we have the three tracks down. Stand by for radio release...



Blogger Jessie said...

Rhys had me up for not adequately putting up photos of everyone involved with the recording. So here goes! New photo featuring Rhys, Carleen and Richard.

There's still none of me. Ah well... Someone had to be behind the camera.

10:29 AM  

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