July 04, 2004


What a weekend. I was so hungover. Hot Swiss Mistress gig at the Cross on Friday - fantastic - everyone was so happy that we just had to get trashed! (Or was it just me?) Vaguely recall stumbling - no, weaving - home via BK and attempting to drink tea and passing out with the light on and waking up at 11am and it was not a good scene and didn't become one until some point last night when Marilyn made me a wonderful dinner and let me at her music collection. Now I'm fully hooked up with every Calexico release imaginable, not to mention Miles Davis, Belle & Sebastian, Sigur Ros, Beck, Cinematic Orchestra, Mr Scruff (if you read this Marilyn, I accidentally stole 'Keep It Unreal'), Amon Tobin... the shit, in other words. Even the new Prince! (Haven't listened to it yet).

(In contrast?) I had such a cultured evening on Saturday. Fell out of bed about 7pm (just a wee nap) and managed to grab a tim-tam* on the way out of the house to meet Guy and Sacha. We got lost but eventually found the Adam Concert Room at Vic and saw 'Ghost in the Machine', a performance practice music thingy with weird ass shit going down. It was cool. Ryan 'Experimental Turntablist' Cockburn was up first and his broken-and-reattached vinyl made for some interesting listening... luckily my hangover was subsiding a little. (Thanks for the shirt Ryan!) Then I hightailed across town to see 'King of Stains' at Bats, where Gibby played the most unlikeable character ever, and so well!

*My Weekend of Cake. All I ate on Saturday was one tim-tam, then Sunday was a steady diet of coffee cake for lunch and chocolate cake for afternoon tea... credits to Jolene's mum and Stacey and Tara... oh and that other cake... thanks Tara!



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